A bit about me

I came to ‘full time’ writing after having experienced a number of careers over a variety of business sectors. These included banking, manufacturing, water services, insurance and consulting. Many of these were connected to my involvement in IT, a companion career which lasted over twenty-five years. I ended my salaried work years in the world of corporate property. Along the way, there were a number of high points, including meeting HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

I had hoped retirement would allow me to concentrate on my writing. Well, that was the theory but recently my wife Frances and I have moved into an enchanting 15th century Essex Hall House set in a large garden. I had hoped that having invaded her space and disrupted her routine when I retired, I would be able to hide myself away in my new study to keep from getting under her feet. However, the house and garden seems to be demanding much of my time, something that has played havoc with my release schedule.

With many of the pressing jobs completed, I now hope to become productive again!

The Matt Dowling stories eagerly await the next installment which I hope will be available later in the year. They will be joined by a number of other projects that are at the moment floating around in my hard drive, scribbled on pages in my notebook or identified by single words written on post-it notes and stuck to my wall. These, like my career, cover an eclectic mix of topics and genres. I hope you get to read – and like – some of them.