A bit about me

I came to full time writing after having experienced a number of careers over a variety of business sectors. These included banking, manufacturing, water services, insurance and consulting. Many of these were connected to my involvement in IT, a companion career which lasted over twenty-five years. I ended my salaried work years in the world of corporate property. Along the way, there were a number of high points, including meeting HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

Now, retired from ‘regular’ work, I have the luxury of time in which to write. My later stories draw on my experiences along the way but I have also been able to revisit some of my earlier work and breathe new life into it.

I am fortunate in having the support of my wife Frances in this new chapter of my life. Having invaded her space and disrupted her routine when I retired, I now hide myself away in my study to keep from getting under her feet, and concentrate on the ideas coursing through my brain.

We live in a house we designed and built between us and maintain regular contact with our two grown up children and two grandchildren.